Kasheme's Supernatural Fairytale

Duyaka in cooperation with Positive Crew & y serious? presents "Kasheme's Supernatural Fairytale" with


* NU

* WARTEMAL (DK) | wartemal
* DEJAN (Cityfox | CH) | Dejan // Cityfox
* QUITIM (duyaka | CH) | Quitim
* SOULMATE (duyaka / Kasheme | CH) | SoulMate
* ALON LEVI (Tschau Lui | CH)
* BLAIR (House Passion | CH)
* BABUSCH (duyaka | CH)
* JEHONË (duyaka / y serious? | KS) | Jehonë
* RAYO (Positive Crew | MNE)

Music for your Mind, Body & Soul

Surrounded by the virgin nature and the clear waters of the Adriatic, the Island Ada Bojana connects the mainland with a bridge, that seems to divide two worlds, normal and free.
Ada Bojana is famous for its sunsets, when the dance of colors starts to create a unique picture of sea, sand and sky..

...it starts on saturday afternoon, 3pm and ends late sunday,
day & night - sunset & sunrise
it's a fairytale...

Tickets available from our system Kupi Karti Za Se and on our web site.
Price of one ticket is 650 mkd (10e)