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Egorythmia - Iono-Music

Sonic Entity - TesseracTstudio

Imaginarium Live - Tip World / Tip Records / Digital Om Productions

warm up by:
Albiorix - Psy Freq / Kanal 103

UV deco & 3D objects by Afadrenaline

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Name behind Sonic Entity/Imaginarium is Nikola Gasic from Belgrade, Serbia.
Started with production at the beginning of 2008.
after a decade of involving into Progressive and Psychedelic scene.
This young producer bringing fresh sound to the scene,
that he will try to show on incoming releases and live shows.
His debut album ''Twister'' is released in summer 2012
on Yellow Sunshine Explosion.
Also have EPs, single tracks and remixes on many labels such are Iono Music,YSE Recordings,Tesseract Studio,BMSS Records
Echoes Records, Digital Om....

Irregular pulses are morphing into a melodic harmonic story, each time a different one, each time a different plot, but every time – Egorythmia, aka Boban Lazovski.
Egorythmia’s path has never gone in a specific pattern... His attraction to Psychedelic Trance began with deep dark tech Trance such as Dark Soho, the Delta , Atmos and Midi Miliz , and then went further back to old school Goa Trance such as Cosma , Man with No Name and Etnica… Being hypnotized by these astonishing sounds in his home at Skopje, Macedonia, he felt the need to take part in this mysterious culture and create his own psychedelic interpretation. And so, in the year 2001, he started to gradually penetrate into the culture, first as a DJ and party promoter, and then when the urge to bring his own mark increased, Lazovski started to make his own sound. In 2008, Egorythmia has emerged into the world.

His unique and magnetic sound has quickly got Iono Music’s attention and he was immediately signed to join our family in 2008 and released his first EP – Night Sight. Since that moment his music skyrocketed across the Psychedelic Progressive Trance sky with the notable hits- Beyond Gravity EP in 2010 and his remix to Ace Ventura – Dark Matter in 2011. Another significant landmark is his edited compilation Forensic Science in 2011 and the second edition of the compilation he did in collaboration with E-Clip, aka Marko Radovanovic from Serbia. This partnership did not end there and a new project – Time Travellers - has boiled up from the great sonic chemistry these two have. With these tunes
Egorythmia has got the whole world hooked up on his music. Travelling all around the globe to spread his religion, he made stops in Boom festival, Fusion Festival, Ozora festival, Antaris festival, Vuuv Experience festival as well as making turbulences in Israel, Brazil, Mexico and Australia. Along the way he met many like-minded artists whom he collaborated with, such as Ace Ventura, Ritmo, Zen Mechanics, Symbolic, E-Clip, and Zyce. These collaborations and his music have been released in many labels, for instance Blue Tunes, Iboga, Echoes, and Plusquam. Always on the move, Egorythmia is fired up and his flame is going to get bigger and brighter. Follow the heat, follow the light.


next agenda:
16.04 Max Lanfranconi (Etnica, Pleiadians) :: Forma :: Try2Fly
07.05 Arjuna :: Esoteric Bloom :: Shev & Dina :: Blisargon Demogorgon (Free Earth Festival Pre-Party)
04.06 James Monro :: Sonic Species