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Line Up:

Arjuna - Parvati Records (Italy)

Dina & Shev - DigitalShivaPower

Esoteric Bloom - Lotus Feet Records

deco by Afadrenaline

07 мај сабота
Роџер Пијано (отворен дел)


Arjuna was born in the Himalayas in India in 1982 Ever since, he has had a unique and interesting journey through life. He grew up in Goa, the mecca of psy trance, where he saw the birth and evolution of this mystical genre.

Arjuna started collecting psytrance DATs and mini disks at a very early age. At the age of 19, he got his first shot behind the decks and there was no looking back.

Meeting with Giuseppe Parvati and Teo Discovalley gave Arjuna's music taste a new direction - deep and purely psychedelic - and it was only a matter of time before the inevitable happened and Arjuna started experimenting with his own sounds with a Playstation game called Music 2000.
He first observed friends working at the prestigious Discovalley studio (Chapora, Goa) and then sank into more serious programming and knob tweaking on cubase.

After proving his metal as a dj in Goa, Arjuna was signed by Parvati records to represent their sound as a label DJ. By this time he had also started to perform at partys and small festivals in and around Europe. His Dj sets are a mix of organic sounding groovy dancefloor shaking bombs produced by some of his favorite artists and friends - Atriohm, Farebi Jalebi, Jahbo, Syntax Error, Dronebixie, Onkel Dunkel, Gidra, Encephalopaticys.... Since Goa was installed very early in Arjuna's system, he always had a natural instinct to cast his spell and get people moving on the dance floors. In order to improve his own sounds, Arjuna took up an electronic music production course at S.A.E. and soon after, broke through with his very first release on Parvati records.

He has dedicated most of his time to develop and consolidate his own idea of psychedelic music. Together with his partner at the time (Seb), he made his nest in the epic Discovalley studio for a few years and his skills evolved leaps and bounds. His tracks are carefully crafted with a lot of precision and heart.

Now his sound is intense and groovy , a balanced combination of power and emotion. He incorporates tight percussive rythms, hypnotic atmospheres and colorful scapes to create deep stories that emit a raw energy to shake the forest and all the creatures living in it. Watching dancefloors errupt since an early age, has given Arjuna the dominion to make people close their eyes, forget the world and just dance till their knees wobble. The mystical vibe of goa flows through his creations, warmly touches the soul and leaves people with their hands up asking for more and more.

They started psychedelic journey in 2001 when they first met and become friends and juggling partners.

Since then their love for psychedelic music was growing so fast that both of them started to play music around Macedonia and the Balkans in 2002.

After a long time friendship and partying together, their connection grown into beautiful relationship where in 2006 they started to play together.

Their style is recognised by pure psychedelic sounds, fullpower mixes, suitable for night and morning dancefloors.
They have played around Europe and Goa on underground parties and festivals and shared the decks with a lot of artists from around the world.

At the moment label Djs for Digital Shiva Power - Japanese Label presenting psychedelic groovy forest music.


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