The Science of Success

Avinash Ananda
Leadership and Happiness Guru

Hailed by the media and professionals as Leadership and Happiness Guru, Avinash Ananda is a world renowned leadership adviser, Happiness Strategist, Motivational Key note Speaker, Master Behavioral Trainer, Success Mentor, Life coach, Transformational thought leader and Entrepreneur.

Some of his clients where he has regular trainings are:

Coca – Cola, DHL, Bank of America, Bank of India, Agna Group,The Maharatsha Police Unit, Indian Merchant Chamber, Ganara Bank, Mako Market, and Al Grosso. He is also regular speaker for the MindSparks events in Greece.

For the first time is presenting his three hour long workshop “The Science of Success” for the public in Skopje, N.Macedonia. 

The workshop will take place on 17.10.2019, Thursday, in the Museum of the Macedonian Struggle. From 18:00h to 21:00h.


The Science Of Success workshop is an exciting, highly interactive, power packed training program which gives a whole new meaning to the word “SUCCESS”.  

Based on the applied behavioral science of Meta Mind Alignment™, the training provides a set of 7 Meta Mind Power Techniques and a system for implementing them to effectively handle challenges, negative emotions and conflicts as they may be encountered. These techniques can also, with practice, be used to create lasting positive behavioral changes

Avinash’s mission is to help individuals and organizations to lead themselves to reach their next level of success using happiness principles and strategies. This enables individuals and organizations to thrive and not just survive. This path of fulfilment naturally effects maximized productivity, optimized potential and enhances quality of life.


Avinash’s teachings draw from a wide spectrum of spheres including time-tested eastern wisdom and the latest in western management thought. His eclectic interests include zen, vipassana meditation, hypnosis, reiki, lateral thinking, NLP, synergogy, psychology of branding, motivation and philosophy. Avinash’s teachings are practical, easy to implement, inspirational and life-changing. His style of training is very unique. It is fun, experiential, engaging, dramatic, interactive, fast-paced, motivational and infused with humor. He seamlessly blends theoretical concepts, business strategies, relevant real-life examples and individual action plans. He works at both the mindset and skill-sets levels aligning organizational core values and vision to individual beliefs


Avinash Ananda is the Founder Director of Global Academy of Meta Mind Management (GAMMA), a behavioral training organization that is dedicated to the research and teaching of the relationship between happiness, leadership, human potential optimization and productivity. He is also the co-creator of the Applied Behavioral Science of Meta Mind Management, also called the new science of 360 degrees happiness through Human Energy Alignment.

Avinash is the Chairman of The International Institute of Personality Development (IIPD) focused on training the youth to develop the knowledge, mind sets and skill-sets to achieve success in life.

Using the latest in Neurosciences and Positive Psychology, in his training, Avinash programs the sub-conscious minds of the participants with key learnings and take-aways while simultaneously engaging their conscious minds through game-based learning and improvised theatrical presentations for maximum impact and retention in minimum time frames. This assures a high return on training investment. 

Whether it is an internal strategy meet, a team-building off-site retreat, a business conference or an annual celebration event of over 4000 people, Avinash’s ability to consistently ‘WOW’ his audiences and deliver tremendous value, makes him most sought after in the professional speaking industry.

The event is organized by:  Mako Market Leadership Academy